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In his book The Greek and Roman Myths: A Guide to the Classical Stories, Philip Matyszak describes a myth simply as “the ancient’s view of the world.” These myths -- although often appearing as simple stories filled with valiant heroes, maidens in distress, and a host of all-powerful gods -- are much more.

Classical Myth, Global Edition (8e)

This new edition of Anthology of Classical Myth offers selections from key Near Eastern texts—the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh, Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish), and Atrahasis; the Hittite Song of Emergence; and the flood story from the book of Genesis—thereby enabling students to explore the many similarities between ancient Greek and Mesopotamian mythology and enhancing its reputation.

This book examines the inter-relationship of classical myth and psychoanalysis from the generation before Freud to the present day, engaging with debates about the reception of classical myth by modernity, the importance of psychoanalytic ideas for cultural critique, and its on-going relevance to ways of conceiving the self.

Contemporary art is deeply engaged with the subject of classical myth. Yet within the literature on contemporary art, little has been said about this provocative relationship. Composed of fourteen original essays, Contemporary Art and Classical Myth addresses this scholarly gap, exploring, and in.

Greek mythology is the body of myths originally told by the ancient Greeks. Additionally, myth was central to classical Athenian drama. The tragic playwrights Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides took most of their plots from myths of the age of heroes and the Trojan War.

Classical myth
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