Discuss the concept social capital with

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Benefits and Importance of Social Capital

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Social Capital

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Social capital is an even more intangible asset, referring to the relationships people have to each other, and the desire they have to do things for and with others within their social networks. Social capital is the term for economic resources obtained from interactions between businesses and individuals or networks of individuals.

Social capital, the most controversial and the hardest to measure, consists of a stock of trust, mutual understanding, shared values and socially held knowledge. Because of the difficulties in defining social capital, authors tend to discuss the concept, its intellectual origin, its diversity of applications and some of its unresolved issues before adopting a school of thought and adding their own.

Bourdieu’s concept of cultural capital refers to the collection of symbolic elements such as skills, tastes, posture, clothing, mannerisms, material belongings, credentials, etc.

that one acquires through being part of a particular social class.

Definitions of Social Capital

Learn about the different types of capital, including financial, human and social capital, and how each is a valuable asset in business. Learn about the concept of human capital, how it is.

Discuss the concept social capital with
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