Leonardo da vinci mirror writing alphabet

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Mirror writing: neurological reflections on an unusual phenomenon

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Why did Leonardo da Vinci use mirror writing? Mind Map

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Leonardo da Vinci – the famous mirror writer. The great deal of Leonardo da Vinci’s sketches and diary pages include mirror writing.

There are naturally a host of theories why Leonardo used mirror writing. Some claim that Leonardo wanted to hide his texts and studies and used mirror writing as cipher. Leonardo da Vinci is known to have written some notes with a mirror writing, probably to avoid an encryption while retaining a reasonable write speed.

Leonardo was left-handed and it is slightly easier to write from right to left for a left-handed person. My immediate reaction on viewing selected folios from the VM was that the script closely resembled the handwriting of Leonardo da Vinci, an observation also noted by the son of Robert S.

Brumbaugh (The Most Mysterious Manuscript, ed R.S. Brumbaugh, Southern Illinois University Pressp ). Intriguingly, aside from interest in arguably the world's most famous polymath, Leonardo da Vinci's writing provides an unusual and unlikely source of information on mirror writing, and probably represents the only known instance of truly habitual mirror writing.

While he recognised all the different benefits there are to mirror-writing, I think the chief reason was just da Vinci being da Vinci.

Leonardo Da Vinci Alphabet

It was his way of flicking a finger at the rigidity of languages and the society as a whole. Leonardo da Vinci’s tiny act of rebellion.

Jul 14,  · This blog details my experience with Mirror Writing, which I learned from Leonardo Da Vinci. This fact of the great Leonardo’s habits has been a mystery. I will share my experiences, thoughts, and reflections (no pun intended – or is it a pun at all?).

Leonardo da vinci mirror writing alphabet
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Why did Leonardo da Vinci use mirror writing? Mind Map