Write a fraction as a mixed number

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Fractions: Rewriting as Mixed Numbers

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5/3 As A Mixed Number

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Display numbers as fractions

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Writing a mixed number as an improper fraction

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Fraction Competency Packet Developed by: Nancy Tufo Revised Sharyn Sweeney converting an improper fraction to a mixed number, the remainder is the numerator of the fraction. Write each number as a product of primes using exponents, if required.

Mixed numbers include both integers and fractions. Example: 1 1 / 2 Improper fractions have a larger numerator than denominator (they have a value greater than 1).

Converting Fractions to Mixed Numbers

Example : 14 / 7 These forms are interchangeable. Multiplying the whole number by the denominator, and adding, will change a mixed number to an improper fraction.

When you have a mixed number, you can ignore the whole number until the end. We will focus on the four-fifths first. Then we will use the 3 to show that the percent will be over %. The whole number will go in the hundreds place in your percent. 3 = = % Notice that. Write this decimal as a fraction:Write this fraction as a decimal: 8/10, Write this decimal as a fraction:Write this decimal as a mixed number: Decimals and Fractions Compare and order.

There are 3 whole squares and of another square. We write it like this: and read it like "three and one fourth."It's really. But, we don't put the "+" in This is why we say the "and."Head on over to the next page to try some fraction practice problems.

Write a fraction as a mixed number
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