Write a number sentence to show that 5 is a factor of 35

3 Conditionals and Loops

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Sign in now Join now More. Learning Analytics Inspiration. Membership. Sign in. Recommendations Recs. Diagnostic. Math. Language arts. Science. Social. Just as the name suggests, an inequality is a number sentence that shows how parts of a number sentence are unequal. For example, we know that 4 + 5 and 4 + 6 are unequal, so we couldn't say 4 + 5.

The prime factor 2 appears maximum number of four times in the prime factorisation of 48, the prime factor 3 occurs maximum number of two times in the prime factorisation of 45, The prime factor 5 appears one time in the prime factorisations of 40 and 45, we take it only once.

The following Number Sense standard is basic: 1NS Count, read, and write whole numbers to It is important that students gain a conceptual understanding of numbers and counting, not simply learn to count to by rote. In math we use factor to mean a number that can be multiplied or divided to produce a given number (for example, 5 and 8 are factors of 40).

And in biology a gene may be called a factor, since genes are ingredients in the total organism. Examples of factor in a Sentence.

Write 3 numbers between 30 and 50 that have exactly 2 factors each?

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Write a number sentence to show that 5 is a factor of 35
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Use the terms factor, divisor,multiple, product and divisible by to write as